Come and Join us!

If you are interested in meeting up with fellow Anglicans in Pampanga, then please do get in touch. We have recently purchased an old church building which the men are currently restoring into the first ANGLICAN church in Pampanga. It is very exciting. We have already purchased processional crosses, Books of Common Prayer, and even have a church organ ready to be installed. As much of the time of the group is involved in the rebuilding work, we currently only meet once a month for an Evensong. This is lay- led. One of our members is also currently trying to form links with The Anglican Church of the Philippines (Traditional) whom we will be seeking oversight from.

The plan is to then have weekly Sunday services at 11am followed by a community Roast lunch, and then a weekly lay led choral evensong. Preparations for our choir are already well underway. The choir already meet on a weekly basis, and have been blessed to be allowed to use a local methodist hall until our church is built. We already have over 20 choristers and will maintain the Anglican Choral Tradition of having seperate male and female voiced choirs. We will shortly be starting a waiting list for places in the choir.

Please simply send an email to We look forward to hearing from you,



Welcome to Pampanga Anglicans!

We are a group of Traditional Anglicans that live around Angeles in Pampanga, in Luzon on the Beautiful Philippines islands. We have come together to form a small church of like minded Traditional Anglicans.

We are a diverse group with many nationalities. Some are British, some are Americans from the Episcopal background, some European Anglicans, and even some filipinos.

We are TRADITIONAL, CATHOLIC, EVANGELICAL AND ORTHODOX ANGLICANS! We use the 1928 prayer book, the Anglican Missal and Hymns Ancient and Modern. We have a rich music ministry and all enjoy good hymns and good fellowship.